Unlike dealerships, KEM SOUTH is a team environment.

Technicians are encouraged and empowered to help and support their co-workers rather than compete for work. Why is this important? We believe this philosophy gives the customer the benefit of all our Techs knowledge to efficiently diagnose even the most obscure malfunction or failure, rather than allow your vehicle to be swallowed in a stuck technician's black hole of delay or worse yet, a parts replacement guessing game. Each member of our team was specifically recruited for a needed skill in the shop to provide an overall exceptional customer experience.



As the Grandson of the prolific German American Expressionist, Steffen Wolfgang Thomas, Charles has channeled his creative legacy through mechanics since childhood. After graduating from Dekalb College and the Ford Asset Program in 1987, he settled into his Ford dealership career specializing in gas drive-ability work. In 1993, Georgia Tech Basketball All Star and later NBA professional. Tom Hammonds invited him to join Above the Rim Racing where they ran the first Original Outlaw Street class, then later NHRA pro-stock car. In the years that followed, Charles joined Rick Jones, of RJ Race Cars to run NHRA pro-stock truck. Although he was racing for about 10 years, he still maintained his dealership position and continued his Ford Factory training and certifications including Ford Diesel Certified Technician in 2003 and the highest level of Ford Certification the Ford Senior Master Technician Designation in 2010.

In 2011, after 26 years with Ford, Charles combined his factory and racing experience to form KEM South. A very hands-on Owner, he takes the time to get to know and understand each customer's needs and recommend the right solution for that individual, business ormunicipal entity.Even outside the shop he's still about anything fast — cars, trucks, and boats. He also likes to travel, surf, wing shoot, and salt water fish.


Conveniently located on Edwards Road between State Roads 83 and 16 in Monticello, Georgia, our 9,000 square foot facility features a 2 acre fenced lot, video surveillance, three fixed lifts, one four column mobile lift, Ford and Dodge Factory tools, 24 hour key drop, and comfortable waiting area with complimentary WiFi and beverages.